The Hookups


Alex is a classically trained photographer with years of experience behind the camera. Being formally taught in photography gave him the opportunity to learn photo development on vintage film with antique cameras. His work has an amazing “old time” feel that is both lively and haunting. He is also responsible for many photos in my blog!

This is wear I get my nails done! They specialize in gel manicures. I always get stiletto gels with red half moon gel color. The color never chips and the nails are nice and thick so they don’t snap very easily. I get them refilled and touched up once a month with Amy.

Tony Medina styles and sculpts vintage hairstyles out of the Pinup Girl Boutique in Burbank, CA. He’s since begin traveling for his hair styling and periodically does workshops to teach others his techniques with vintage styling.

Shirley is a shop owner and hair stylist in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. She has a lot of experience with vintage haircuts and how to style them. She is one of the few stylist I have met that knows what the “Middy” is and is a total delight to work with.


This is an online retro store that creates “couture for everybody”. They have a physical shop in Burbank, CA. All of their dresses are structured and tend to have some spandex qualities so they can hug the figure nicely. I own several of their pieces and the shop staff have always been very helpful and friendly. Weekends are terribly busy there, especially when they have vintage yard sales. However the area is a nice place to visit, being near a Cuban bakery and Retro candy shop.

Another online store with a physical location in Burbank, CA. This store has many styles that are suitable for women who may not be ready to look completely vintage. There are a great selection of Rockabilly and special occasion dresses to choose from that pay tribute to the style of the 1900s decades.

This is an online store with modern clothes with a retro feel to the style. It is great for someone who is very new into vintage and retro and who many not be ready to completely jump on board with the lifestyle. These dresses are cute for younger girls, perhaps high school or college, and have a “hipster” vibe to them.

Blue Velvet has an online presence as well as a physical location in Austin, TX. They sell retro dresses from various designers you will find in many of the other shops listed. More importantly Blue Velvet has a generous selection of real vintage clothes from the 40s through the 70s. If ebay isn’t your thing and you cant find what you’re looking for on etsy, then BV is a great little shop to dream and drool over.

This is another great online store that sells gently worn vintage dresses for every occasion. Uniquely they also sell vintage clothes for men and children. They sometimes have great finds in vintage lingerie, purses, accessories, and shoes. Overall a great true vintage store.

I absolutely love Etsy for finding good quality vintage dresses, home goods, hats, trinkets, and accessories. Its always important to read the description carefully and reviews of the sellers. People have a tendency to use the term “vintage” fast and loose when “retro” is sometimes more appropriate. Be sure to check the year of production which should be listed in the title or details.

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