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Many women who would like to get into waist training may have done the research but may not know where to actually get a corset or which one is right for them. Here I will provide details and links to websites where you can purchase your own corset.

What to Look For

Spiral Steel Boning It must-must-must be spiral steel. It is the strongest and the most flexible. Don’t be scared of seeing “flat steel”, though, so long as there is more spiral steel than flat. Flat steel is for structure and reinforcement and will most likely be found supporting the back grommets and the front closure, or the busk but does not make a good corset for everyday wear if that is the only boning used.

Double Boned This is for extra strength and supports for everyday wear.

Embellishments Don’t get a corset that is meant for training with latch closures and chains and zippers and spikes and things poking out everywhere… This is impractical and are usually more expensive. These are just fine for wearing out as costumes but will be distracting for everyday. Try not to get distracted by these. They are quite lovely to look at and imagine ourselves in. They are fine if they suit your lifestyle and or never leave the house, though.

Underbust Do not get something that covers your chest. Again, it is not practical for everyday use, but are just fine for most other occasions. You will be restricting more muscles and lung expansion, making everyday work more difficult. Do not get distracted by these, because they can be gorgeous.

Length Think about your needs. You may need a longer corset if you carry more in your lower tummy or have a long torso. If you are petite a “regular” or short length might be better for you.

Where to Get Corsets

Timeless Trends MOST of their underbusts are only $99 and sometimes they offer free shipping. I like that they have a variety of different lengths and even some with hip-lace for those of us with wider hips so we are not made uncomfortable. They also have a lifetime guarantee and are local (to me). Which I support greatly.
Corset Story These are on the pricier end, but are gorgeous corsets with lots of options.
Orchard Corset These corsets are a bit less expensive than TT, and they also have more than just corsets if you feel like shopping.
Ebay is also a great place to find inexpensive corsets. You run the risk of quality assurance with ebay as well as miss-listings so be sure to read before you buy very carefully and contact the sellers. Otherwise you can find some great deals (I know I have).

Stay away from “lingerie corsets”. Those are made of plastic and will do no good for waist training. Don’t get dazzled by Fredrick’s or other mall-based lingerie shops because this is all they sell (for the same price as these websites might I add).

I will be updating this list as I come across more websites and can vouch for their quality.

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  1. Hi! I’ve done some waist cinching in the past but this will be my first steel boned corset. I’m 2 months post partum and would like to get my first corset but I don’t know where to start. I would like to get one at a reasonable price. I’m 5″2′ and short waisted and would like to have one that also controls my lower belly because I had a csection and have a small pooch. I breastfeed my little one at night so I would be wearing the corset during the day while Im at work. The idea is to see permanent results from my corset as well as proper diet and exercise. Could you help me find the right corset? Thanks!!

    • Hello Felicia. What sort of budget are you working with? I always recommend Timeless Trends as a starting corset. They have some great ones in clearance that are easy enough to hide under blouses and baggy tops. This one is $90 right now. I have always found this cut to be a nice size, especially if you’re petite. For $80.
      I checked Corset Story just now and what I thought would be reasonable corsets right now were mostly flat steel, which wouldn’t be the best options for daily wear. So I would recommend sticking with Timeless Trends since they are long and are a reasonable price as far as corsets go.

      I hope this helps. Good luck and let me know if you need any further help!

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