I am Ginine Tonic: old school goth gone pinup and living a vintage lifestyle as a wife, mother of 3, and ASW based in SoCal. I love fashion, crafts, and DIY. I enjoy learning and refining domestic skills, saving money, and being environmentally conscientious. I do all this in pin curls, pearls, and poodle skirts. I’ve been living (or nodding to) a Vintage Lifestyle for almost 10 years and have been waist training for nearly 15. For the first 8 years of my marriage I lived overseas and raised my children at home while I worked on my Bachelors of Psychology and a Masters in Social Work. Prior to married life I modeled and did a lot of sewing.

I am incredibly resourceful and can always find the answer if I don’t already know it. My grandparents were a huge influence in my life, having been born during the Depression and lived through the 50’s themselves, they gave me a solid sense of family and what that really means. Most of my domestic interests and personality come from my grandmother’s daily practices around the home: baking fresh bread, sitting down for supper, cross stitching every evening, and establishing myself as a feminine force to be reckoned with.

So, these are my chronicles and collections of what I have learned in keeping some Old ways alive in the modern world.

If any of my readers have questions or post requests, just leave a comment anywhere and I’ll address it the best I can! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

Much Love,
Ginine Tonic